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Understand Why You Should Buy Bitcoin

There are many reasons why people invest in bitcoin. One of the top reasons it that it is an attractive investment that has become more stable since its inception in 2009. Recently bitcoin has become a financial instrument with unprecedented stability. Trust has been growing with this digital currency making it more stable than ever.

The Challenges Of Alzheimer’s And Dementia Care

It is difficult to put into words how severe the impact of caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can be. These medical problems permeate the daily life of those who provide Alzheimer’s and dementia care. While trying to provide the best care possible, this group of professionals, family caregivers, and afflicted individuals face

Who Needs An Estate Planning Attorney?

More than half the people in the US have not prepared an estate plan prior to their death. Estate planning is far more than writing a will, an estate planning attorney in Anaheim will work with clients, developing living trusts, a plan to mitigate or even avoid estate taxes and to ensure that your estate

Things to Consider Before Filing for Sole Custody

There are many reasons that a parent might decide that he or she wants sole custody of a child after a divorce, and many of them are very good reasons. But it’s important to consider some long term effects of sole custody. The Parental Relationship If your child has a healthy and functional relationship with