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Can You Replace Your Own AR Parts?

Modifying or customizing your AR weapon with a variety of aftermarket parts and components is an ideal way to create the best possible gun for your needs. For hunters, this may include adding a quad handguard to allow for easy attachment of a variety of accessories. It may also mean swapping out standard AR parts

Exportación armas de Estados Unidos

Miami Guns Export se dedica a la exportación de armas de Estados Unidos, ofreciendo los mejores modelos y fabricantes a los compradores de todo el mundo. Para exportar armas de Estados Unidos necesitas llevar a cabo un proceso de seguridad ineludible. Pero no debes preocuparte, porque te asistiremos durante el mismo para evitar complicaciones o

Most Common Custom AR Options

Whether it is called customization, upgrades or tweaking, most gun owners will eventually want to make some changes to create a custom AR. For some owners, this is done to create a weapon that is more versatile, more accurate or better suited to their preferences for both performance and aesthetics. There are several easy ways

Carrying Handguns in Louisville KY

Except in a few places, citizens eighteen years and older can open carry Handguns in Louisville KY. There is no requirement for a permit. In some cases, those under the age of eighteen are also allowed to carry handguns. Attendance at a safety class, for example, either firearm or hunter safety, is a situation where

The Importance Of Having BUIS

Murphy’s Law is something that all shooters can relate to, and it basically states that “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” This is why most serious shooters, or even those that just enjoy a day of out aiming at targets, make sure they have BUIS. This acronym actually stands for Back Up Iron

The Uses Of Firearms In Louisville KY

Firearms in Louisville KY can be used by law-abiding citizens for some reasons. Some people in the state use firearms for hunting. People who hunt might just like being outdoors and enjoying nature. They also might like spending time with others who enjoy hunting. There is also defense. Those who own firearms might wish to

Why Many Choose Mossberg Shot Guns in Mesa

Are you thinking of buying a shot gun? If so, you may wish to look into Mossberg shot guns in Mesa. This manufacturer has been around for almost a century now, which shows their commitment to quality, and they have a wide range of products to meet the needs of any individual. What makes these

Reasons to Buy Gun Vaults in Mesa

When it comes to owning guns today, there is a lot of debate going on. Because of violence in America, from robberies to school shootings, there is talk that citizens don’t even need to have the right to own firearms. Many citizens are doing what they can to keep their guns safe by buying Gun