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Choosing a Pediatric Neuropsychologist

A pediatric neuropsychologist is a professional who specializes in treating psychological disorders in children. He or she focuses on brain development and how this affects learning and behavior in children. Neuropsychologists have a doctoral degree in psychology and may work in hospitals, clinics or have their own practice. Contrary to popular belief, a neuropsychologist is

A Closer Look at Pediatric Neuropsychological Testing

When determining if your child needs or is eligible for special education services, your local school will usually offer an evaluation that determines base-level academic, social, behavioral and cognitive functioning skills. When these tests leave questions unanswered or aren’t thorough enough, parents may seek a second opinion. This typically comes in the form of neuropsychological

The Pediatric Neuropsychologist: What Every Parent Should Know

Pediatric neuropsychologists are licensed psychologists who specialize in working with children. Their focus is on brain development and how it relates to learning and behavior. Though not medical doctors and unable prescribe medication, they specialize in diagnosing conditions and some may even provide counseling and academic interventions. Using some of the same tests used in