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Why the Right Roller is Important in Painting

Painting might seem like an easy enough job on its face, though if you have never taken on this task, then you know that a lot of problems can arise. Not getting a proper coat on the wall, having streaks and spots and areas that are thicker than the others, and other...

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Why High Quality Paint Brushes Are Worth It

It is true that there are many types and styles of paint brushes on the market today. There are many that are inexpensive and very disposable. Yet, there are still very good reasons for you to turn to high quality paint brushes instead. If you are looking for a new...

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The High Density Foam Paint Roller: The Basics

A smooth coat of paint is what people want. This is true whether it is the exterior of their residence or the surface of a kitchen or bathroom cabinet. However, while rollers remain a favorite for many painters, it may be time to drop the nap variety in favor of a...

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When To Use Microfiber Paint Rollers

Property owners and contractors are always on the lookout for new products capable of making the job of applying paint a bit easier to manage. The good news is new products are readily available. Learning how to use them is important since mistakes here can be...

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