2 Popular Types Of Check Valves Used Throughout Several Industries

Check valves are used throughout several industries like plumbing, industrial manufacturing, construction, food processing, and more. Even though they are widely used, many do not quite understand how they work and why they are important. To simply put, check valves allow for fluid to flow in one direction while preventing backflow. They are important because check valves do not generally need assistance to open or close. This means they continue to work even if a facility loses power. Here are 2 types of check valves that are utilized by several industries.

Metal Ball

One of the most popular types of check valves are the metal ball check valves. As its name suggests, this particular type of valve controls the flow of liquid using a rotary ball. A seal, keeper, ball, ball guide, spring, body, o-ring, and end are typically the main components of this specific type of check valve. You can generally find metal ball check valves used in food, chemical, and fuel dispensing.


Another popular type of check valve that is used throughout many industries are piston check valves. This type of check valve is suitable for low flow rate applications. Retainer clip, spring, body, o-ring, and piston are the typical components associated with this type of check valve. Piston check valves are known to be used in the cooling systems of emergency vehicles.

Check Valve Manufacturers

Perhaps you may need one or both of these types of check valves. Perhaps you may need a custom-made check valve for your specific application. You may now be searching for a manufacturer that offers high-quality valves. When searching for check valve manufacturers, consider choosing a highly reputable and reliable manufacturer to ensure you receive top-quality products and services.