2 Questions To Consider When Choosing a Facilitation Training Program

In an online and hybrid communication era, facilitation has emerged as an essential leadership skill. Since you’re here, you probably know that taking facilitation training is a convenient, interesting, and extremely efficient method to learn crucial facilitation skills. But given the widespread availability of such facilitation programs, choosing the right one may seem difficult.

Before enrolling, you should do some homework and choose the facilitation skills training program that best meets your expectations. In doing so, consider these two questions to better evaluate your options:

What Is Your Preferred Learning Approach?

Do you like to take online facilitation training classes on your own, or are you more inclined to enroll in virtual or live classes?

Moreover, how do you learn best—via hands-on activities and supervised instruction or through studying, observing, and listening? Finding a facilitation program that fits your personal learning style is important.

How Much Can You Spend?

Second, consider the cost of the facilitation training program. What financial commitment can you make towards training in facilitation?

Are you funding the training yourself, or will your company provide funding? Finding the ideal facilitation program becomes simpler once you decide on a budget and payment schedule.

So, when considering a facilitation program, keep these questions in mind. One great platform for ‘tomorrow’s leaders’ is Interaction Associates. With years of expertise in providing facilitation training and shaping numerous careers, Interaction Associates is a good place to start this journey today!