2 Types of Valves to Procure for a Large-Scale Waterworks Project

Your construction company has recently been awarded its first-ever large-scale waterworks project for the city. You are likely now compiling a list of all the industrial materials you will need for the project. Socket wrenches, hydrant operating wrenches, manhole cover hooks, and probe rods are already some of the tools that are on the list. In addition to special waterworks tools and equipment, you will also need pipes, fittings, and industrial valves. Here are two types of valves you should include on your industrial materials list.

Gate Valves

Gate valves are a vital component in any waterworks system, whether for a small-scale residential system or large-scale commercial system. This particular type of valve allows a part of the system to be isolated. They are typically made of stainless steel with an epoxy coating. Designed to be buried underground, gate valves are to be operated using a valve box and operating tool.

Pressure Control Valves

An equally important valve in any well-planned waterworks system, pressure control valves are another type of industrial valves you should include on your materials list. Pump control, air relief, vacuum relief, and float control valves are to only name a few types of pressure control valves that will be necessary for you to acquire and utilize for the project.

The Bottom Line

These are only to mention two important types of industrial valves you should include on your list. When searching for an industrial materials supplier, consider choosing a highly reputable and reliable company to ensure you receive top-quality products and services.