$200 on the Minimum, More Cash For Junk Cars in Chicago on Their Last Legs

Even the worst cars out there have a street worth. Car owners looking to upgrade will put their Cash For Junk Cars in Chicago into a new vehicle. The amount earned for cash junk is quite consistent. A junked car that does not run will earn roughly $200 back in a cash trade. This is the industry standard minimum for a non-functional vehicle. In this case, the metal will be scrapped entirely and recycled. 98% of a vehicle is recyclable in some capacity.

The interesting part of trading in a junked vehicle pops up when the car is working. From here it gets a little more confusing. Cars can have varying degrees of functioning. A car that is running can actually still qualify as a junk car. For example, the vehicle could be a non-antique from the early 90’s with 300,000 miles. It may be overheating because of a bad head gasket. This is a notoriously expensive repair. Junkyards will take cars that, for all intents and purposes, function fine. They are simply another six months from completely breaking down.

A car in this situation will garner a higher cash payout because most of the engine parts are intact. Sellers should expect a $400 to $500 payment for a vehicle in this situation. It is also possible to earn more with more information. If an owner can provide vehicle specifics, the junkyard can actually pinpoint specific aftermarket values on certain parts. They will be able to tighten those potential profit margins. It could encourage them to offer more because they have more confidence in how much the parts can go for in the yard.

Non-functioning vehicle trade-in worth is almost solely dependent on the weight. The engine parts are melted down and used in mass recycling. The weight of the metal is the only contribution to the bottom line, so the Cash For Junk Cars in Chicago will weigh the vehicle using a special tool.

Browse the website of Frank’s West Side Auto Parts Inc. to earn an online valuation of a junked vehicle. More information helps assure a more accurate quote at the yard.

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