3 Car Dealing Mistakes to Avoid

Shopping for your Subaru ride? From Business Insider, here are 3 mistakes you need to avoid when you negotiate with dealers:

1. Going in blind. Planning to do a trade-in with your Subaru dealer? Then know how much your car costs. Make sure it’s an accurate estimate. If you’ve got that in the bag, then car dealers with underhanded plans to drive down your car’s value won’t win. By knowing your car’s worth, you won’t have to settle for less for your old ride just to get the new one. Another mistake that falls under the ‘going in blind’ category is when you go into a dealership to buy a car without completely researching on the cost of the make and model you want. You’ve got a lot of available resources online that finding out the market value of the car should be easy. If you know how much it goes, you won’t need to agree with car dealers who give out quotes that are about 1-3 percent higher.
2. Falling for the bait and switch. Some car dealers will try anything to get you to come into the store. They’ll give you an amazing quote, low rates, warranties—along with a whole lot of shiny promises. But when you come in the store, they’ll try to sell you something different, one that’s far more expensive than their first offer. That actually only works if you do find out you like the second car better. But if you’re working with a strict budget and the first one really ticked of all the boxes for you, then try firmly pulling the negotiation back to the unit you want. If they appear uncooperative and start pressuring you to say yes to their second offer, then simply walk away.
3. Saying yes to useless warranties. Say you do get a great deal on the ride you want. One thing to do to make sure your bills don’t balloon too much is to say no to any of the additional services that some car dealers suggest. This might include a service contract that covers glitches in the car’s electrical system—when the car gets very little of those problems. Just get warranties that cover what you need and say no to the rest.

By knowing what mistakes to avoid, you can negotiate a better deal for yourself. If you need the assistance of a Subaru dealer in Nassau, get in touch with us. At Grand Prix Subaru, our dealers are trained to offer help in any way you need.

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