3 Indoor Activities For Kids Long Island That Are Safe, Fun and Budget-Friendly

When the weather is bad in Long Island, many parents struggle to find ways to entertain their kids on the weekends. It can be hard to find Indoor Activities For Kids Long Island NY that are affordable and will hold a child’s interest. If you’re having a difficult time keeping your kids occupied when outdoor activities are out of the question, keep reading to learn about some fun indoor activities in the Long Island area.

Indoor Playgrounds

Indoor playgrounds are becoming very popular because they’re a fun, safe way for kids to play, climb and explore. For added convenience, most of them have an on-site restaurant or cafe that offers kid-friendly food like pizza, hot dogs and chicken fingers. Some indoor playgrounds in Long Island, like Safari Adventure, offer multilevel jungle gyms and high-tech arcades where kids can win tickets to redeem for fun prizes. Typically, the Indoor Activities For Kids Long Island NY offered at these playgrounds are suitable for children who are 2 to 12 years old.


Bowling alleys across the country have really increased their efforts to appeal to children in recent years, and Long Island is no exception. Many bowling alleys in the area feature junior bowling leagues, themed bowling nights that are family-friendly and contests where kids can win prizes or free refreshments. If you’re on a budget, look for discounted admission nights or family packages that will make the evening more affordable. No matter which alley you choose, a night of bowling is a sure to please children of any age.

The Long Island Children’s Museum

If you’re trying to find Indoor Activities For Kids Long Island NY that are both fun and educational, give the Long Island Children’s Museum a try. This award-winning museum boasts 14 themed galleries full of activities and exhibits that children will love, like giant bubble-making and toy boat racing. The museum even offers scheduled sleepovers that include a show in the museum’s interactive theater, plenty of educational activities and breakfast in the morning.

If outdoor play isn’t an option, it’s easy to find Indoor Activities For Kids Long Island NY that are safe, fun and educational. As a parent, you may enjoy the experience as much as they do!



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