3 Main Types Of Commercial Air Conditioning In Oyster Bay NY

Keeping your customers and employees cool in the muggy summer months is important for moral and repeat business. There are three main types of air conditioning systems businesses can use. To deciding which type of Commercial Air Conditioning in Oyster Bay NY is right for your business doesn’t have to be complicated. Contact Inter-County Mechanical Corp.

Constant Or Variable Volume Air Conditioners

Constant and variable volume systems essentially work the in a similar manner, with one major difference. Both deliver cooled or warmed air through a series of ducts that run throughout the building. The main difference is how the air is regulated. With a constant volume system, air is continuously circulated through the ductwork and its temperature is altered as it flows to adjust or maintain the temperature. A variable volume system, however, alters the amount of air flowing through the system, reducing cool air or increasing it as needed to maintain proper temperatures.

Forced Air And Radiant Systems

Forced air systems regulate the temperature of the building by removing the air inside and replacing it with conditioned air through ductwork. These systems are one of the more common types of commercial and residential systems. Radiant systems, on the other hand, cool the air through the use of water. Pipes are threaded throughout walls or floors, and cold water is circulated within them. The water acts as an insulator against warm weather as it cools the air within the building.

Multiple Zone And Single Zone Units

These types of air conditioning units focus on the type of control the user has in regulating the temperature. Single zone units consist of a single control panel that sets the operation level and temperature throughout the entire building. These work well for single story and smaller offices. The multiple zone systems, on the other hand, have control panels throughout the building, allowing for better control of temperatures in given areas. These are great for multiple level buildings or areas where space is only used occasionally or require different temperatures because they allow for these areas to have different settings.

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