3 Major Factors that are Considered in a custody case

Child custody cases are incredibly stressful. Both parties are struggling to redefine their relationship with each other and the child. This process is usually confusing for all parties. When entering into a child custody case, several significant factors will affect the results of the case.

What the child wants

The child’s preference is a great starting point for any custody case. The law doesn’t demand that the court always sides with the child’s choice, but most judges interview the kid to understand their preference. These interviews are confidential. Older children may have more influence on the case.

The health of the parents

The custody case will expose the health records of each parent. The judge will want to know if either parent has a mental illness that could inhibit their ability to parent. Additionally, any physical ailment that would make parenting more strenuous should be considered. If you’re concerned about your health history, then it is smart to discuss any issues with a custody lawyer in Douglasville, GA.

Each parent’s work schedule

Every custody case is different because every childrearing relationship is different. In some relationships, both parents work routine jobs close to their child. In other relationships, one parent might commute long distances or only be home on the weekend. The work situation of each parent is carefully considered in every custody case.

A child custody case is exceptionally stressful. To ensure the process goes well, you need an advocate. When looking for a child custody lawyer in Douglasville, GA, be sure to have the right information available. The more information your custody lawyer has, the better they will represent you in the case. Contact Business Name today for more information.