3 Pointers to Finding an Excellent Hair Salon

Getting the wrong haircut can be traumatic. Sure, your hair grows back. But in the meantime, friends and family sure won’t let you forget how much your looks suffered with the wrong one, any time soon.

Have a square, righteous jaw? Go for styles that soften that look but stay away from anything that adds more angles to your face. Have a round face? Best not to go for any styles that make your face even rounder.

Go for edgy ones that add contour to your face or that seem to reduce the size of your face. Whichever style works for you, finding the right hair salon can be tricky. Here’s how you can make the search go easier:


You won’t know until you ask friends and family for suggestions or referrals, InStyle suggests. If you’re lucky, one of those names is going to be the right one. That should cut down on the time you’ll spend on searching for the right hair salon real quick.

Go Online

Take your search online. A lot of hair salons have sites you can access. See their services and rates for yourself. If the rates aren’t advertised, put in a call and ask.

Book an appointment

There’s no better way to find out if it’s a fit or not until you go ahead and give their services a try. Yes, you’d be putting your hair in their hands so keep your fingers crossed. And if you do end up with the wrong cut, then at least you’ve eliminated one name off your list. Go to the next one. No worries. The right hair salon will find a way to fix whatever mess of a hair you came in with.

Finding the right hair salon in Mission Viejo can be tough but when you see the results, you’ll agree: it’ll be worth it.

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