3 Things To Find Out About Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Companies

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Medical Center

Most pharmaceutical companies turn to contract manufacturing companies for the actual production of their drugs. This is more cost-effective for most companies, allowing the contract manufacturer to specialize in the packaging of the medications in blister packs, bottles, kits or hospital unit dose and physician sample packs.

Of course, these pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies should also be able to aggregate from the smallest units to cartons and pallets. They will also need to be able to work directly with your 3PL or Third Party Logistics company for distribution.

When you stop to consider the important role that pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies play, it becomes very apparent about the importance of selecting the right contractor.

Price Plus

While price is always a factor and one that is often the first consideration, this is not the best factor to focus on in isolation. Instead, consider the value you will receive for the price. In other words, is the contractor able to meet your deadlines, provide the capacity for packaging required and will your business be considered a priority?

Experience and Expertise

Years in the business and the existing clientele of any pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies are critical factors. This is particularly true for a startup or a smaller pharmaceutical company with limited in-house expertise in packing and regulatory issues with regards to pharmaceutical serialization.

Complaints or Legal Issues

It is also important to ensure you are dealing with contract manufacturing companies with a solid reputation for quality and error-free packaging. This is important for your company’s future reputation as a mistake by the packaging company is going to directly reflect on your brand in the eyes of the consumer.

Take your time to talk to the various contract manufacturing companies you are considering. Ask questions and understand their business model and commitment to their customers before making a choice.

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