3 Things to Think About When Renting or Buying Portable Bathrooms

Portable restrooms get a bad reputation. People always think of porta-potties that have seen better days, but the truth is that modern, movable bathrooms have come a long way in everything from comfort to internal sanitation processes. If you need luxury portable bathrooms for a special event, here are just a few ways to find a brand that’s worthwhile.

Look at Functions and Features

Portable bathrooms can come with many different amenities that range from basic to extravagant. For example, they might have a plain toilet or a toilet-and-sink combination. They might come with heaters, mirrors, paper towel holders, anti-slip floors, indicator lights when in use, and more.

Consider Accessibility

Depending on your venue, you might be legally obligated to offer ADA-compliant bathrooms. You should also think about things like size and placement in any scenario. Not only will you need physical space for the bathrooms, but you’ll also need them to fit inside your pipelines, traffic control zones, and more.

Know Your Budget

Your budget should always be a consideration when buying venue equipment like portable bathrooms. You can save costs by looking for deals and discounts, renting instead of buying, and asking about things like free delivery from the manufacturer.

These are just a few considerations when you’re in the market for luxury portable bathrooms. Though you might be surprised to hear about their modernity and versatility, it’s important to do your research before making any purchase decisions. This is the only way to make an intelligent and well-informed choice about your temporary restrooms.