3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Desk Lamp in Victoria, BC

Are you on the hunt for the perfect desk lamp in Victoria, BC? When you need a spot light placed on your reading, studying, work, or crafting, there’s nothing better than a clear, bright lamp. Desk lamps are ideal because you can focus the light where you want it, it doesn’t tend to cause glare, and it allows you to work without disturbing others. But how do you choose what lamp is right for you?

Pay Attention to the Quality of the Light

When you choose a desk lamp, consider what kind of bulbs it will take. An LED lamp offers you a lot of energy efficiency, for example. But the important thing isn’t so much what bulb you use, as what the color temperature of the lighting is, and what its CRI rating is. The color temperature tells you if a light is more yellow-toned (warm lighting) or more white-toned (cool lighting). Cool lighting tends to be better for focused work, while warm lighting tends to be cozier. CRI ratings tell you if the light will show anything it shines on in an accurate way. This is important if you are crafting or working on art.

Get an Adjustable Lamp

Your desk lamp should be adjustable. This is one of the key benefits of a desk lamp, and allows you to truly focus the light where you need or want it. Be sure you can move the lamp head in every direction, such as up and down, side to side, back and forth, and so on. This gives you the most versatility so that you can use your desk lamp in Victoria, BC, for many things. Also consider where the on/off switch or chain is located and be sure this will fit well with your needs.

Choose the Perfect Size for Your Desk Lamp in Victoria, BC

If you have a very small desk that is already holding too much, you can find lamps that clip to the side of the desk. If you have a large desk, you’ll want a lamp that casts a broad light so that the whole desk is illuminated. Be sure the lamp is tall enough to keep the light source above your head and out of your eye sight. This will eliminate glare and keep the light focused where you put it.

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