3 Ways to Honor a Person that Has Served During Veteran Services in Woodland, CA

For many men and women, serving the United States is a proud achievement. Some keep special items on display while other discuss stores or show pictures to commemorate their time served. When a veteran passes away, families often want to incorporate the loved one’s service at some point during the funeral and burial. There are several ways that loved ones can honor their deceased family members during Veteran services in Woodland CA.

Special Flower Arrangements

One way to celebrate a person’s time in the military is to include flowers in red, white, and blue. These colors offer instant recognition of a person’s dedication to his or her country and service. Arrangements can be customized in a variety of different ways. Families can choose to display a family member’s specific branch or unit as part of the flower arrangements. Or, a simple arrangement with no mention of the service can be put on display during the funeral.

Photos or Mention of a Deceased’s Military Time

Families are often proud of their loved one’s military service. They choose to display his or her military photo during the service. It can be placed on the program or laid near the casket for everyone to see. These photos, along with other items from service including a uniform or medals, offer a nostalgic look at a person’s life and accomplishments. Members that a loved one serviced with may have an opportunity to write down or share special memories for the family to view at a later time.

Traditional Veteran’s Funeral Service

One of the most notable characteristics of Veteran services in Woodland CA is the flag draped over the casket with the stars over the deceased’s left shoulder. Taps is often played at some point during the service as a traditional method of honoring his or her service. Finally, at the end of the funeral service, the honor guard comes forward to remove the flag from the casket and fold it in a precise manner. Once this step is completed, the flag is handed to the next of kin, expressing the appreciation of the United States for his or her loved one’s service.

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