4 Basic Things Before You Get a Marriage License

If you’re too busy planning the wedding, you could easily lose sight of the fact that, without a license, you can’t get married. That piece of paper makes it legal and without it, you won’t be able to go through with the wedding. Here are a few helpful tips to remember so you can get yours free of any stress and hassle:

Time it right

Don’t wait until you only have a day or two before the wedding to go and apply for a marriage license. In some states, there’s a required waiting period between getting the license and your wedding. Be sure to check with your state to eliminate any future problems of this kind.

Organize your requirements

Processing the license would take time if you submit incomplete—or, worse, the wrong—requirements. Determine the ones you need, says The Knot. Organize them as much as you can. When it’s time to request for a license, you won’t have to waste time hunting down this paper or that. You can have everything ready in a jiff.

Know the fees

Know how much you’re going to pay. Read up on state laws to know how much you’ll need to pay for the license so you can have it ready in advance. This will save you time and effort. Review the payment options as well. Some accept cash along with cashier’s checks while others insist on cash alone.

Know the expiration date

Know when the license expires. If you’re cutting it too close to the ceremony, you might want to adjust the dates or get one a little bit later so you won’t have to worry about the license expiring. When you choose a wedding package, some of them won’t cover the fees of an expired marriage license so keep that in mind.