4 Buying Tips to Use in a Used Car Dealer in Romeoville

by | Dec 26, 2017 | Auto Repair

Steer clear of lemons. Here’s how to make sure you end up with a trouble-free car:

Look for the right dealership

Start by looking for a used car dealer in Romeoville. Not just any dealership will do, though. Pick one with a good reputation. With a team of experts and a good record for service and sales, dealerships like Hawk Chevrolet of Joliet often make for a sound option.

Check out the perks

Some dealerships might offer vehicle exchange programs, allowing you to bring back your car and trade it off for another. That’s an awesome perk, allowing you to be much more flexible with your options. If you think you made a mistake the first time and you really think another model will be a much better fit for your needs, no worries. Just bring it back within the allocated period and you can have it exchanged for the one you want.

Do a visual check

It’s easy to perform a visual check on the car. If you turn up dents and chipped paint as well as mismatched body panels or even broken lamp housings, then you’ll want to steer clear of those models. You could also bring along an expert, someone who can tell if the damage to a car is merely cosmetic or structural so you know the extent of the repairs—and the costs—that might total up to.

Ask for records

Request for the car’s records,the Consumer Reports says. The vehicle history report lets you know if the car has been involved in a major accident or has had major repairs—something owners of used cars are often wary of. If there are any title issues, that’s going to pop up there as well so you’ll know what you’ll be taking on. Dodgy dealerships will try to bury that information, though. If you think that’s the case, walk away and go to another used car dealer in Romeoville instead. Like us on our facebook page.

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