4 Garage Door Types to Consider Before Your Installation in Melbourne

If you’re about to get a professional garage door installation Melbourne, FL, there are quite a few garage door options that you can consider and talk about with the professionals coming to install. Here are four different types to help guide you when picking out the best one for your home:

  1. Canopy Door

These doors are a type of door that uses vertical tracks to get the door to flip open. These tracks are places on the sides of the door frame. Canopy doors usually call for manual operation. But the torsion spring that is built-in makes this very easy to operate; even it is manually. Canopy doors are a bit rare, but they might be the cheapest option for those trying to stick to a budget.

  1. Retractable Doors

Like canopy doors, retractable doors are single panel doors. When you open this door all the way, it will retract back into your garage. Canopy doors will hang over the outside. The biggest benefit is that they don’t require manual operation. They are mostly automatic and can run very smoothly along horizontal tracks. Since they retract back inside, you will need to have a bigger garage or free up more space.

  1. Roller Door

Most roller doors are built out of steel panels. This makes it easy for them to roll up as smoothly as possible into the opening of the garage. Most people can agree that these doors are the most compact of them all. Since they call for more space, there’s more room for storage on the ceiling of the garage. Even though they are more stylish and compact, they will cost a bit more than the ones mentioned above.

  1. Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are by far the most popular type of garage door design out there. They use both vertical tracks and horizontal tracks. The vertical tracks go on the side door and the horizontal ones fo on the ceiling.

These doors can be a little more expensive than the types mentioned above. However, the price lies in the professional and high-quality design that is well-engineered as well. While it is a good look, it does require more maintenance and lubrication to avoid breaking down.

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