4 Great Reasons to Consider a Subaru for Your Next Vehicle Purchase

Buying a used vehicle is a mystifying process for some, simply because there are so many options. When evaluating your choices, think about the fact that over 95 percent of all Subarus sold in the last decade are still road-worthy. Purchasing a used Subaru in the Naperville area is a great choice. Here are a few reasons why a Subaru might be the best choice for you.

Great Reliability

Subaru is one of the world’s most reliable automakers, as seen in Consumer Reports’ Annual Auto Reliability Survey. Powertrains and other parts are made to last, whether you’re driving in the city or going off-road. Though you’re a used Subaru’s second owner, your car will probably outlast many newer models.

Less Depreciation

Subaru vehicles are economical and full of technological advances, and their all-wheel drive systems are some of the best available. A used Subaru from Naperville will hold its value rather well, making it one of America’s most popular used car brands.

Solid Engineering

Engineering is one of the qualities that makes Subaru what it is today. For instance, boxer engines aren’t found in many other makes and models. This engine configuration allows for the perfect combination of efficiency, power, and balance, and it’s regarded as more dependable than V-type and inline engines.

A Stellar Safety Record

Subaru is the only manufacturer to have earned the IIHS’ Top Safety Pick designation for every model for five years in a row. No matter which used Subaru you choose, you’re getting a safe ride. Though Symmetrical AWD is one of a Subaru’s biggest safety components, there are others to consider as well.

Why Pay More? Consider a Used Subaru

There are quite a few reasons to consider a used Subaru from a local dealership. To learn more
about what makes pre-owned Subarus so great, visit Hawk Subaru and take a test drive.

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