4 Myths About Framed Photo Prints

If you’ve ever tried to style your framed photo prints in a new home, you have likely been unconsciously following certain “décor rules” that are passed around the world of interior decorating. But the truth is that you can use framed photo prints in dozens of ways. Here are four myths about how to use your photos that we’re busting today.

Myth: You must put your framed art on the walls.

Of course, hanging framed photo prints is the go-to because it is the most traditional way to use frames. The function of frames is to provide an easy way to put photos on a wall. But the truth is that framed works of art or photos can look stunning when simply leaning against the wall on a side table or even on the floor if it is large enough.

Myth: Walls with framed photos need to be balanced and symmetrical.

Many people work to make their walls very symmetrical, with the same number and size of photos mirrored on a wall. But the truth is that framed photos can look very artistic and unique when you embrace an asymmetrical display. Consider creating a triangle, circle, or another shape with your frames for a high-fashion look.

Myth: You need a big piece of art for a big wall.

Not every single large wall needs a single large framed photo as a focal point. Consider creating a collage with many smaller photos, or use a triptych (a single photo divided over three separate framed prints) to make a more unique display. You can also make a big wall more visually interesting by choosing unique frame shapes, such as circular or oval frames.

Myth: You must frame your photo prints.

Finally, so many people think that photos must be framed to be displayed. The truth is that there are many ways to have your photos printed that would look lovely. Consider metal prints or canvas wrapped prints for something totally unique. Framed photo prints do give you more versatility because you can change the frame, but mix in some other types of photo print products to create a beautiful collage of images on your wall.

At ArtDotz, our framed photo prints are perfect for using in surprising ways throughout any space. Take a look at our photo print options to learn how you can bust a few decorating myths with your favorite photos.

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