4 Phases of the Sales Funnel

Now is the ideal time to take stock of your Internet marketing and ask yourself this question, “Am I romancing my target audience?” According to our Motivational Sales Training consultants, the truth is … you ought to be. And why? Because all relationships, just like all sales funnels, have to go through 4 phases to be successful.

Conversational opener

Firstly, do not speak directly to your target audience.  You aren’t a robot. Do not talk like one. As we speak face to face, we don’t have any issue in saying things using a casual tone. However, as individuals sit down at their computers to create a copy (for emails or web pages), they usually go very formal. Don’t litter your marketing using technical, jargon-heavy words. Instead, try to just talk — one genuine human being to another.

First date

You got a response — and it is a yes! A new prospect clicked through your advertisement and arrived on your landing page. It is now time that you get acquainted, like you might on a first date. First dates are stressful, yet they do not have to be. Neither will the second phase of the funnel.

Here is the key according to our Motivational Sales Training consultants: make it all about them, and not you. Do not concentrate on your products, features, expertise or service. Instead, concentrate on them: their obstacles, their problems, dreams, desires, fears or wants. While it’s that simple to turn your concentration toward your target audience, just keep in mind to not get ahead of yourself.

Initial commitment

Unlike most real-life relationships, great marketing will follow through. It’ll consistently deliver upon its promises. You also should build your relationship with prospective clients by spending some time with them. Do not do this by frequently inviting them over to your place (that is, sending them emails that link to your website).

Instead, figure out where they usually congregate in places such as social media and go after them. Offer education and help, not merely pitches and products. Above everything, offer them unique experiences.

Long-term relationships

Just because you are in a long-term relationship, does not mean you can begin to ignore them. If anything, give your present clients even more attention than your prospective clients. It’s because your present customers are not only your most reliable recurring revenue source, they also are your easiest new revenue source. Customers recall companies which make them feel good, and rewards are great.

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