When active-duty spouses receive their PCS orders, one of the first questions that family members always ask is: where do we live? Where do we move to? Here are reasons why you’ll want to consider off-base housing options.

Distance from Work

Living off base provides you with opportunities to build relationships. You meet more people who aren’t in the military or don’t have military affiliations. If you want a little distance from your military life, consider off-base housing solutions.

Save Money

You can save money by finding a home that’s within your allowance. Don’t forget to calculate the cost of your utilities, too. They should be within your budget, too. If you can find options that hit the mark or allow you to pay less—maybe get a housemate—you can save money.

More Options

Do you want to live near the beach? Are you looking for a single-family unit or an apartment for some solo living? You can find plenty of rentals close to Norfolk Naval Base Norfolk. With more options, you can look over your choices and select the best one. You won’t have to worry about limited housing units on the base. Some home options are large enough to provide room for a big family. Others are pet friendly so you can bring along your four-footed friends without any worries.


You can even choose rental homes near the beach. That means frequent swims and jogs along the shore. If you’ve always wanted to live near the water and you find the thought relaxing, consider those rental homes. Just make sure the home isn’t too far from base, so you can make good time whenever you go to work. It should be close enough that you are only a short drive away from getting to base every day.