4 Reasons To Switch To Rawhide Alternatives For Dogs

Many pet owners are set in their ways. While they may hear from their vet, friends and other dog owners about the risk of feeding rawhide chew bones, they may continue to use the product simply because they have never had any problems with their dogs.

The problem with this argument or line of reasoning is that there may be issues going on with your dog that are simply not identified or linked to the rawhide bones. It is only by switching to rawhide alternatives for dogs that the issue may be discovered.

There are four important reasons to switch to rawhide alternatives for dogs. Trying the change and seeing how your dog reacts will be a great way to be kind to your pet.

Digestive Problems

Even if a dog has not experienced any blockages or choking from rawhide, it is important to understand that 15% of what the dog swallows is still in his or her digestive tract in 24 hours. Imagine if 15% of what you consumed was still in your body, then think of the issues that may be occurring for your dog.

Dogs Love Them

Most dogs are not excited about rawhide as it has limited natural flavor and mostly artificial or smoked and roasted flavors. By choosing healthy rawhide alternatives for dogs made from real chicken, baked pork skin, peanut butter and milk, your dog will really love his or her daily chew.

Many Different Shapes, Sizes, and Flavors

Owners have the advantage of buying these healthy chews based on what their dog enjoys. This can include a specific shape of chew or a particular flavor. Multiple sizes also mean safety when consuming the chew, eliminating the risk of the dog swallowing a chew that is too small.

Added Nutrients

Added vitamins and essential nutrients make the healthy, rawhide-free dog chews a great option for growing puppies through to senior dogs. Just makes sure to read the label and ensure rawhide is not used in the product.