4 Reasons You Should Immediately See Your Westfield Podiatrist

Like our teeth, foot care is often neglected until an actual issue arises you are unable to treat on your own. This can be due to pain, discoloration, or a variety of other issues. However, if you are embarrassed to show your feet, it is a good sign you should see your Westfield foot specialist. The most common reasons to see your podiatrist include:


Burning, Numbness, and/or Tingling

Anytime you are experiencing burning, numbness, and/or tingling in your feet, you should ALWAYS visit your podiatrist as soon as you possibly can. These symptoms can be an indicator of very serious issues, such as diabetes, and sensory neuropathy which can result in a lack of feeling within your feet.


Chronic Pain

Prolonged foot pain can stem from overuse, injuries, or a variety of other conditions caused by inflammation of the ligaments and tendons within the foot. If conservative treatments such as ice, heat, rest, and/or over-the-counter pain medications are not helping, it is time to talk to your podiatrist to diagnose the root cause of your pain and suffering.

Keep in mind – a foot specialist not only treats pain in the heel or other areas of the foot. If you have not experienced any sort of trauma, and are suffering from chronic back pain; you may want to check with your podiatrist.



One of the most common reasons most people visit the podiatrist is due to some form of growth. These growths can develop in a variety of shapes and sizes and are often associated with some form of unwanted side effect (ex. pain, itchiness, etc.). Examples of common growth issues include but are not limited to:

* blisters

* bunions

* calluses

* corns

* heel spurs

* neuromas

* warts


Toenail Discoloration

Discoloration of your toenails can come in a variety of colors from yellow to black and can indicate a variety of problems such as:

* gout

* inadequate blood flow

* infections

* vein Issues

If you notice any type of changes to your nails (such as painful, discoloration, thickness, etc.), always consult your Westfield Family Podiatry and Surgery foot doctor. Nails are often an indicator to your overall health and wellness, and changes can also be a result of circulation issues, dermatological factors, fungal infections, and/or trauma.

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