Pallets are an important part of many warehouses today. They simplify storage, movement, and make it easier to load and unload goods. Palletizing systems are efficient, and some could use some major improvements. Here are four helpful tips for improving your system, to maximize your profits.

1. Double Scanning Method

Does your WMS assign cartons to specific pallets and storage media? Why not use a system in which the worker scans the product and then the pallet ID number, before placing items on a pallet? The system verifies the item is correct, and the worker then puts it on the pallet. This helps to end many errors and ensures you have the right materials on each pallet.

2. Light Palletizing Systems

This works like a pick-to-light order picking system. In fact, it’s sometimes called a put-to-light process. Each pallet storage area has an illuminated system. The worker scans the case, and light shows him which pallet to place it on. He then turns off the light to verify his action.

3. Voice Systems

This system is similar to the pick-to-voice order picking method. Using speech recognition applications, a computerized voice directs the worker through the process. This works like a put-to-light system, but the worker has both hands free during the entire process. The worker confirms each action with a confirmation code word.

4. Automated Palletizing Systems

Both light and voice systems depend on operator accuracy and to limit human error; a robotic palletizer is the best option. A robot builds each pallet and uses the same patterns each time. This ensures that all the right items get placed on the pallets and once finished, the full pallet travels along conveyors for storage or shipping. For greater stability, you can install automated stretch wrappers at the end of the process.