4 Tips to Getting Your Marriage License in Bexar County

Ready to tie the knot? Before you drown in all the wedding preparations, make sure you and your sweetheart make time to take care of that essential piece of paperwork: your marriage license. Here are helpful tips so you can get your marriage license in Bexar County with little to no stress and hassle:

Check the requirements

In The State of Texas County of Bexar website, the only requirements include certified copies of birth certificates and your Social Security Number. You will also need to bring along $81 for the marriage license fee since the clerk’s office does not accept checks, debit cards or credit cards.

Ask about the waiting time

Most times, it’s best to get your marriage license in Bexar County a few days ahead because of the 72-hour waiting period for applicants. However, if one of the applicants is on active military duty, the applicants have completed the “TWOGETHER in TEXAS” premarital education course or if one of the applicants has obtained a written waiver from a judge, then that waiting time won’t apply. Check if any of these apply to your own situation.

Don’t put it off

Don’t wait till 2 days or a day before the wedding to get your license. If there are too many people in the clerk’s office, you might not get that legal document on time. That could ruin your wedding timeline so head over to the clerk’s office a few days before.

Don’t get it too early

On the other hand, make sure you don’t get a marriage license too early. In the state of Texas, the license expires 90 days after the date of issue. You’ll want to keep that in mind so you can finagle a better date for when to swing by the county clerk’s office for that piece of paper.