5 Advantages of Chlorine Dioxide

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Water Purification Company

When it comes to something as important as purifying the water we drink, there are bound to be differing opinions about the best way to do it. Technological advances are constant, and it pays to stay current on the latest and best methods of water disinfection. These advantages of using chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant can help you evaluate this relatively new water purification method.

Stronger disinfectant than chlorine

Chlorine dioxide is a powerful disinfectant that kills bacteria, germs, and other contaminating organisms. Its high oxidation power makes it a stronger disinfectant than chlorine, and it is even effective against many germ and algae species that are resistant to chlorine.

Zero carcinogenic by-products

Chlorine dioxide does not combine with organic compounds in the same way that chlorine does. Therefore, chlorine dioxide does not produce the same environmentally hazardous and potentially carcinogenic by-products as chlorine.

Removes odors and bad tastes

According to ChemicalSafetyFacts.org, using chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant removes odors and bad tastes the water. This property makes chlorine dioxide generators an extremely attractive option for potable water treatment plants.

Less corrosive than chlorine

Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide does not break down in water to create any acid. This makes it far less corrosive than other disinfectants, particularly chlorine.

Effective over a wide pH range

The effectiveness of chlorine in water is limited to a relatively narrow pH range. Chlorine dioxide, on the other hand, retains its germicidal power over a wide pH range, disinfecting up to a pH of 12 as opposed to chlorine’s failure at a pH of 8.

Chlorine dioxide must be produced onsite, so you will need a chlorine dioxide generator to utilize this excellent disinfectant. Recent advances in technology have made this technology more widely accessible to smaller scale operations, so don’t assume that it is out of your reach. Once you’ve started looking into chlorine dioxide, you might find it hard to be satisfied with less powerful disinfecting methods.

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