Summer is in full swing, and as homeowners clean their yards and prepare for cookouts, they should remember to take care of their outdoor living spaces as well. Now is the right time to consider pressure washing, deck staining in Kansas City, for the reasons listed below:

Untreated decks will eventually develop safety hazards. The wood will gradually dry out and start to crack, and it may even warp. This kind of wood isn’t fun to walk on in bare feet and may also cause people to trip. To keep things safe and avoid medical and legal fees, it’s best to keep the deck stained and maintained.

Avoiding Expensive Repairs
Fixing a deck can be costly; the average cost is roughly $1,400. It may involve replacing warped wooden pieces, filling and sanding cracks, and restaining the entire deck. If a customer hires a deck repair expert, the cost may vary, but it will undoubtedly be more expensive than maintenance.

Saving Time
Maintaining a deck only takes a few hours. The process starts with pressure washing, and after the deck dries, deck staining can occur. Finally, the pro will finish the job with a water tight sealer. Homeowners can save time by hiring an expert who can get the job done before the next family gathering.

Increased Home Value
Having an attractive, clean deck can increase a home’s value. The average return on investment for a well-maintained deck is anywhere from 65% to 90%. Conversely, having a run-down deck may turn away potential buyers. It may reduce the asking price as buyers consider the cost of repairs.

There’s a certain amount of pride in having a properly maintained deck. Whether it comes from showing it to family and friends or showing it off to yourself, a clean, functional deck can provide a feeling of pride.

A home’s deck should be an extension of the homeowner’s personal tastes, and as such, it should be done the way the customer wants it. If homeowners need more ideas and help with deck maintenance, they can call the team at Fresh Coat Paint and Stain today for a free quote. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!