5 Designer Umbrella Trends Retailers Should Understand

As a retailer, it’s important for you to make informed decisions about the inventory you purchase for your store. To that end, you need to stay up to date with current trends surrounding item design and manufacture so that you can meet customer expectations. Umbrellas can be very popular sales drivers, but you’ll need to know a bit more about designer umbrella trends to make an informed Purchase.


Once upon a time, umbrellas were pretty utilitarian. They were brought out when the rain started, and put away when the user no longer had to worry about getting wet. As such, they were often very plain. Today, things are different – one designer umbrella trend is to embellish the umbrella canopy with colored cloth fringes. While some models will only have a single fringe around the outer edge of the canopy, others might have two fringes, one above the other.

Animal Print

Let’s face it – the animal print craze is here to stay. You can see it in everything from clothing to accessories like shoes and handbags. It’s only natural that designer umbrellas would follow suit. After all, these are as much an accessory as they are a utilitarian piece of equipment. Look for leopard print, zebra stripes and other animal prints. You’ll also find them available in some very bold colors and color combinations to add even more fun.


One of the most interesting designer umbrella trends today is the rise of clear and partially clear models. Often, these are more dome-shaped than other umbrellas, allowing the user to almost climb inside them. The clear plastic canopy allows visibility even when completely ensconced inside the canopy. The lower half of the dome is often brightly colored – yellow, teal, neon green and the like.


Finally, you’ll discover some designer umbrella formats that are decided “novelty” in feel. These include patterns like blue skies and white clouds, spring flowers, animals and the like. Some of these are meant to appeal to children, but many of them are light and lively to appeal to female consumers.

Ultimately, finding the right wholesaler is the best way to ensure that you have access to all of these designer umbrella trends. We invite you to learn more about our inventory and the options we can provide – click here to view our inventory.

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