5 Home Interior Mistakes You Might Be Making

Design mistakes can do a lot to derail all the effort, time and money that went into putting your interiors together. Here’s a peek at some of the mistakes you wouldn’t want to make:

Painting your walls first

It might seem like practical to have the walls of your new home painted. But if you haven’t bought any furniture yet, then that’s not a good idea. It’s actually better to shop for furniture first. That’s because the color of your furniture could easily determine what colors and shades will be right for your walls, says the Huffington Post.

Invest in a single style

While it can be ideal to simply go for a single theme for your entire home, you’ll want to make sure you don’t overmatch. If you have plenty of space, think about shopping for luxury furniture brands in Coral Gables and matching different styles together. Pick coordinating pieces that add to the cohesiveness of your interiors.

Forgetting contrast

Monotony is a common result of overmatching furniture, décors and lighting fixtures. It’s a good idea to play with the idea of contrast. Go for pops of color that work for your interiors. That’s one way to create a dynamic, interesting and visually appealing room.

Buying furniture of the same height

Your interiors won’t come off as good as they should if all your furniture is all of the same height. That’s why you’ll want to hang photos, go with taller side tables—or shorter ones—so long as everything blends together in charming and lovely look.

Not experimenting enough

Don’t shy away from buying pieces from luxury furniture brands in Coral Gables that might seem too feminine or masculine. There are plenty of ways to make those shades work so they won’t turn your space too masculine or feminine for your tastes.

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