5 Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Walls

The paint on your walls won’t last forever. If you see any of the following signs, you should start looking for a nearby house painting firm in Bellevue WA sooner rather than later:

Cracks or breakage

These often indicate a break in your foundation or structure. You might want to have an inspector check them out. If that’s not the case and the cracks only affect the paint, then time to engage the services of nearby companies like Rite Painting to fix your walls as soon as possible.

Flaking and bubbling

Nationwide says these point to weatherproofing. That leads to the flaking and bubbling of your paint. It’s caused by the presence of dry rot, wet rot or even of mold in your walls. It’s essential to have those moisture problems fixed. Once that’s done, though, make sure you look for a house painting firm in Bellevue WA to set your walls to rights again.

Fading paint

Sunlight can fade out the paint on your walls that much faster. That’s why areas that receive generous amounts of sunlight bleach out at a faster rate. One tip to making the paint on your walls last, though, is to go for darker shades and hues when you talk to your painters. These take longer to fade out than brighter colors.


Exposure to UV rays can also lead the paint on your exterior walls to morph. If that happens, you’ll need to hire painting contractors near or close to you to deal with the issue.

Little to no curb appeal

A fresh coat of paint can contribute to a much-need upgrade and change in the look and feel of your curb space. With the help of a trustworthy painting company, you can enhance your property and improve the chances of a sale. The paint indicates that your property is in good condition, which can help ensure a fast sale for you.

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