5 Signs You’re in Dire Need a Water Filter in Your Home

If you’re wondering whether you need to have a water filter installed in your home, here are a few signs to look out for:

Unexplained illnesses

Contaminants in the water can negatively affect your health. The presence of microbes as well as viruses and even bacteria along with parasites can lead to health issues and complications with long-term consequences. If your family members seem to get sick without good reason, you might be dealing with contaminants in the water. Some of these might include radon, radium, nitrates along with pesticides and arsenic, says everyday Health. Installing a big blue carbon filter is one way to deal with the problem.

Bad smells

If your water smells bad, that could be caused by chemicals or contaminants that found their way into your system. That’s another reason to have your water checked and tested. Knowing what you’re dealing with will make it easy for you to scout around for the right filtration options.

Dry skin and hair

If your water makes your skin and hair dry, that could point to the presence of hard minerals such as chlorine in the water. Look for water softeners or filtration devices to put a stop to these problems.

Not clear

Clean water is supposed to be clear. If your water isn’t clear and looks all blurry, that could be a sign of possible contaminants. A big blue carbon filter can help remove plenty of those contaminants so you can look forward to cleaner, clearer water in your home.

Bad taste

Chemicals often make water taste funny or bad. If that’s not how your water tasted before, the change in the taste could be caused by recent contaminants in your system. By putting filters in place, you can enjoy the pleasant taste of clean and safe drinking water again.

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