5 Ways to Choose a Dock for Your Boat

by | Jul 14, 2018 | Business

Choosing a boat dock in Bufford GA is no easy task. No worries, though. We have you covered. Check out the roundup of tips we’ve put together for you.

Inspect water levels

When you pick a dock, one of the things you’ll want is ease of boarding. That’s why it helps to check the surface of the water. When you pull alongside a dock, water levels should come up to thirteen to eighteen inches above the water. If that’s not the case, keep looking until you find an excellent dock.

Ask about anchoring

How is the dock anchored in place? Does the water have a sandy bottom? It could be easy enough to pound pipes into the bottom to keep the dock from going anywhere. But clay or rocky bottoms can be a bit trickier. You’ll want to know as much as you can about this since it will affect your boat if you decide to pick that dock, Boating Mag says.

Wet or dry?

You can pick in-water storage or dry stack storage. If you want easy access to docks, though, then the in-water storage is a much better option. However, there are plenty of dry stack storage options in fully enclosed buildings to keep your boat safe.

Check for security

Pick a dock that’s going to provide your boat with security. The last thing you want is to have your boat damaged, boarded without your permission or destroyed. Security in a dock is essential.

Choose short-term leasing

Won’t be spending more than a few months in the area at most? Look for a boat dock in Bufford GA that offers short-term leasing. If you like the service and in case your plans change, you can always ask for an extension. Keep that in mind when you look for a dock.

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