5 Ways to Find a Wedding Minister

Finding a wedding minister in Corpus Christi might take more than a bit of research but patience and persistence will help you find one. Here are a few other tips to make for an easy and stress-free search.

Research. A lot.

Do your homework. Research can give you a solid idea which ministers to go for. Don’t just limit your research to online, though. Reach out to friends and family. Work your contacts by asking them for referrals and tips. This can add more names to your list of prospective ministers.

Do a face-to-face meet-up

Your wedding is special. You want to make sure you share it with loved ones. That’s why it’s crucial to pick the right wedding minister in Corpus Christi. Your minister is going to set the tone of the event so go for someone who’s a good match with you and your future spouse. Look for someone who can work with you to give you the kind of wedding ceremony you want.

Go for a bilingual minister

If you’re future spouse speaks Spanish, for instance, it would make for a sweet gesture to hire a bilingual minister. That’s a move that your spouse’s family will appreciate as well. If you want to get on their good side from day one, this is an excellent way to do it.

Make sure you have a connection

It’s not enough to find a minister who’s got the right credentials and qualifications. Once you’ve covered the basics, it becomes even more paramount to choose someone you and your spouse made a connection with, says Thumbtack Journal. If the minister was too formal, stiff or seem distant, you’ll be better off finding someone else.

Ask if they’re available

Are you holding the wedding out of town? Is your minister available on those dates or amenable to hours-long commute to the site? Ask.

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