6 Easy Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Go Home with a Lemon

Buying a car can be a good investment or a bad financial decision. Don’t want to end up in a rut simply because you bought the wrong make and model home? Here are easy ways to make sure you don’t go home with a lemon:


Pick a good dealership

Everything starts with a good Ford car dealership in Knoxville TN. You’ll want to start with dealerships that have a good reputation in the business.


Check out reviews

Read up on reviews about the dealership online. Is the tone of the reviews mostly positive? Then that’s a marker of a good dealership. However, if the reviews are consistently poor or bad, then you’ll be better off looking elsewhere.


Notice a trend

When you read reviews, pay particular attention to problems that customers keep mentioning. If something keeps coming up, then it’s probably an issue. You’ll know what to look out for in case you give the dealership a go.


Know how much

Determine the market value of the car before you go inside that Ford car dealership in Knoxville TN. That way, you know how much negotiating room you have and you won’t overpay for a car, says the Lifehacker.


Shop with a friend

If you don’t have any negotiating skills, best to shop with a friend. Bring someone with a discerning eye and fine negotiating skills to help you get a good deal on a new car.


Be on top of your game

If you’re sick, out of it or suffering from a bad headache or toothache, then you might end up saying no to a bad deal just to get things over with. Don’t let that happen. While there are plenty of helpful dealers out there, it’s best that you meet up with them when you’re on top of the game.

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