6 Mistakes to Avoid When Placing an Indian Wedding Card Order

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Weddings

If there’s a wedding in the planning, you have a lot to take care of before the big day. One of the most critical to get out of the way quickly is designing and ordering the wedding invitations. However, don’t rush into the process, as that can lead to some serious mistakes. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most important mistakes to avoid when placing an Indian wedding card order.

1. Too Busy

You want your Indian wedding card to be stunning. To that end, you choose to include a wide range of design elements and embellishments, from string to tassels to embossed designs. The problem is that it can be very easy to go overboard, and then you end up with a card that is just too busy.

2. Typos in the Wording

The wording inside the card is vital, but it is all too common to miss typos in the text when you’re in a hurry. Have your cards professionally designed, and then triple check to make sure the wording is right.

3. Too Many Colors

This ties in with designs that are too busy. Stick with just a couple of colors for the Indian wedding card, and make sure they tie into the wedding’s color scheme.

4. Not Ordering Enough Cards

Careful planning is essential for all areas of the wedding, including invitations. Make sure you order enough cards to send one to all guests you want to invite, including those who will not likely attend, but deserve an invitation anyway.

5. Using Adhesive Address Labels

Addressing the envelopes for your invitations with an adhesive label might be the fastest solution, but it is terribly, impersonal and in bad taste. All envelopes should be addressed by hand. You may need to hire a calligrapher for this to ensure readability and beauty.

6. Not Including a Stamp for the Reply Envelope

Finally, many people do everything right except that they forget to include a stamp on the Indian wedding card reply envelope. Double check that all of your reply envelopes are stamped, and that the postage is correct.

There you have them – six of the most serious mistakes to avoid when ordering wedding invitations. We invite you to visit our website to see our full Indian wedding card inventory, as well as to learn more about the services we can offer in addition to card design and printing.

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