6 Pointers When You’re Sending a Flower Arrangement

If you can’t say it with words, say it with blooms. That’s a good idea to live by. Want to make sure you pick the right flower arrangements in Glendale CA? Read on for handy tips:

Stay seasonal

It’s always best to go for flowers that are in season, says the HGTV, especially if you’re bringing that arrangement to your office or home. They make for a convenient option since your favorite florist or grower is certain to have them.

Ask about scents

Whether you’re sending that flower arrangement to someone or bringing it along with you, don’t forget to get advice from the florist regarding the scent of the flowers. Some might prove too overpowering so you’ll want to factor that in.

Pick color

Want to send a bit of good cheer to a dear friend, a pick-me-up? Then look for colorful blooms and arrangements. That’s going to be a wonderful sight for sore eyes.

Call ahead

If you’re sending flowers for Valentine’s, Christmas or any other well-known dates, then you’d better call ahead and put in your order well in advance. Early birds often enjoy discount offers.

Go beyond red roses

Red roses are the default of a lot of people. Learn to go beyond these. There are plenty of other blooms and posies you can go for when you put in an order for flower arrangements in Glendale CA. By exploring your options, you have a much wider pool of arrangements you can pick from when you need to send an arrangement to a lot of different occasions: birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, and more.

Know the meaning

Flowers carry a symbolic meaning. Want to say ‘I adore you’ in a way that isn’t cliché? Look for arrangements that include the right combination of flowers. Wishing someone success in business? Send an arrangement of azaleas for financial security. Your friends and colleagues will love it.

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