Helping a loved one through rehab and recovery can be difficult. The right strategies can help:

Know what you’re dealing with

A lot of people suffer from misconceptions about drug use. Believing in these misconceptions can derail the relationship you and your loved one are trying to build or repair. Read and know what your loved one is dealing with. That way, you’ll have a much more accurate idea how to handle the situation right.

Offer support

One way you can help loved ones is to offer them support. You can do that by helping your loved one find the right rehab or sober living facility. Find out what your friend or family wants and needs. Then research. Look for sober living homes in Fort Lauderdale that fit the bill. By providing your loved one with a list of prospective homes, you can make it easier for the person to seek out professional help.


Many sober living homes in Fort Lauderdale offer family therapy as a possible treatment option, says the Behavioral Health Evolution. You might want to agree to one. After all, substance addiction issues always affect loved ones. Going for therapy sessions can help you all heal as a group.

Don’t judge

Your loved one will feel demoralized, unmotivated and might even fall into a relapse. Don’t judge. These are normal. If your loved one relapses, continue to offer your support. Recovery is possible with the right help and assistance.

Stay informed

Always work and coordinate with the facility’s team so you know what’s happening with your loved one. Staying up to date on his condition will also help address any issues with his medication.

Keep bad influences away

One way to help your loved one through recovery and relapse is to keep him away from temptation. Know about his triggers and do your best to ensure your loved one isn’t exposed to any of them, whether through your thoughts or actions.