6 Ways to Maintain Your Media Blasting Equipment

Ensure your media blasting system is in tip-top shape. Check out the following blasting cabinet tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

Look for quality options

A media blasting system has four major components: the air source, sandblasting cabinet, dust collector and blasting media, Princeton says. If you want to ensure longer system performance, invest in a high-quality blasting cabinet.

Schedule inspections

Blasting machines require maintenance. That’s why it’s ideal to schedule unit inspections on a regular basis. Don’t call a maintenance team only when a part breaks down. With regular inspections, you can monitor the health of your machine. Preventive tune-ups can do a lot to prevent the daily wear on your equipment.

Replace worn parts

When you see worn out parts, then shop for replacements as soon as possible. These include nozzles and abrasive holes along with the filters, mixing valves and more. If you see the nozzles already run down, then replace them. If there are holes in the abrasive hoses, shop for new ones and if the filters are clogged, toss them over for new ones.

Consider frequency of use

Maintenance depends on a number of factors, including how regular the machine is used. If you often use the equipment, then be sure to schedule maintenance checks with shorter times in between.

Pick a reliable firm

Look for a reliable solutions provider in the industry. Consider the experience and reputation of the firm before you choose one. That’s one way to make sure you end up with premium product options.

Check other products

Check out the rest of the products that the company offers. You could take advantage of these items and hit two or three birds in one stone by ordering everything you need in one go. That’s going to mean less ordering hassle and effort for you.

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