A Bail Bond in Midwest City Oklahoma Replaces Cash Bail When It’s Unaffordable

Continuing controversy surrounds the traditional system of requiring arrested individuals to post bail to be released from jail before trial. Many people feel that the bail system undermines the concept of being considered innocent until proven guilty, but others think the system is necessary. A fundamental problem is that many individuals cannot afford to pay bail. Without the option to obtain a bail bond in Midwest City Oklahoma, they would be forced to stay behind bars until their trial date, which may be many months away.

Organizations like the Justice Policy Institute find the relevant statistics to be alarming. Hundreds of fatalities occur each year among people being held for trial, and some of them are individuals who could not afford to pay bail. Thousands of arrested persons see their lives ruined by having to spend months in jail before they shave been convicted of any crime. This organization has also found that minority populations generally are levied higher bail amounts for similar offenses than other people are. Not all states allow the option of obtaining a bail bond that functions as a replacement for cash bail, but Oklahoma residents have this opportunity.

An organization offering a Bail Bond in Midwest City Oklahoma posts a bond that functions as a guarantee the customer will appear in court. That is a primary reason the bail system exists. With cash bail, the person will have the money returned after trial, even if he or she is convicted. When bail is unaffordable, a bond is acceptable by the court. The person pays a state-regulated fee to the bonds service and regains his or her freedom.

Unless some substantial reforms are made in the system, the prevailing methodology will continue. Working-class U.S. residents and those living in poverty will have trouble paying cash bail of even relatively small amounts. Wealthy individuals, on the other hand, have no trouble getting out of jail and going on with their lives. A service such as Ken Boyer Bail Bonds can help to even out these disparities to a certain extent. Click here to learn more information on this particular company.