A Basic Guide to Carlyle Compressor Options

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Tools and Equipment

Different compressors are manufactured by different types of companies. Some companies provide a full range of products for the air conditioning and refrigeration industry while others only produce one or two components.

This is the case with Carlyle compressors. Carlyle focuses in on the production of compressors for all types of cooling applications from lower horsepower systems to compressors capable of maximum horsepower, CFM ratings as well as for use with specific types of refrigerants.


Each Carlyle compressor will either fall into the category of screw or reciprocating compressors. Typically screw or rotary screw types of compressors are used for larger applications. This is because of the simple operation of these units that limits maintenance and repairs while also allowing for lower overall initial costs.

The use of the screw mechanism, which limits the moving parts while also increasing efficiency, also makes these types of Carlyle compressor units longer lasting in virtually all applications.

The use of the reciprocating compressor is ideal when there are extreme working conditions and use requirements. These systems can be either lubricated or non-lubricated, with both having advantages in specific types of work situations. Although a non-lubricated system typically will have higher ongoing maintenance costs, they also provide air that free of any possible contamination by oil, which is essential in some areas and applications.

The use of any type of compressor from Carlyle starts with carefully considering your needs. Then, matching the capacity, types and features of the compressor with the needs of the system will ensure the right unit is selected.

These considerations can include the valve design, number of stages, refrigerants compatible with the system and the overall physical size of the compressor. To help reduce costs of replacement or new system installation, consider a remanufactured compressor by Carlyle for a quality component at a very reasonable price.

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