A Certified Home Health Aide Is an In-the-Home Caregiver

If you have been thinking about obtaining in-the-home care for an elderly or disabled loved one, you will want to consider the services of a certified home health aide. A home health aide who is certified is an educated health care professional who assumes a variety of responsibilities. The caregiver is charged with taking care of people with a disability or illness, or who are elderly, and need regular care in their homes.

A Trusted Professional

The company that works with you in providing a caregiver must be one that is well-trusted in the local community. Review the testimonials online. Since one-on-one care is involved, it is essential to secure the services of a trusted professional. A certified home health aide is also the eyes and ears for a nurse or doctor. Therefore, it is vital that the person who is caring for your loved one has a keen instinct about a patient’s condition.

In-home Care

When spending time with clients in the home, a certified home health aide must assist them in the activities that take place during daily living and also supply general care. This care includes the following:

1. Assistance in eating
2. Help with bathing and brushing teeth
3. Assistance in giving medicine
4. Changing dressings, if required
5. Checking a patient’s pulse rate and temperature
6. Assisting a patient with walking aids or special limbs

Usually, this care is provided for in a home setting or in an assisted living facility. If the home health aide recognizes a change in a patient’s condition (such as a bruise, limp, cut, difficulty breathing or change in appetite), he or she must document the change and notify the nurse and doctor working on the case.

Aides in the medical field are employed by hospices and home health agencies. Their appearance enables clients who are staying at home to maintain their dignity while receiving optimum medical care. While some aides may assist in convalescent facilities, they also play an influential role in health care in the home.

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