A Divorce Attorney in Lititz, PA Can Provide Legal Information During This Difficult Time

A caring and compassionate attorney is invaluable during a divorce. A divorce attorney in Lititz, PA will listen to anyone going through a divorce and can keep them focused on their legal case. An experienced divorce attorney understands how difficult this type of situation can be and is available 24 hours a day for their client’s needs.

Requirements for a Divorce

In order to file for a divorce, one of the parties must have been a resident of Pennsylvania for at least six months immediately before filing. An individual must also file in the same county where they resided for the last six months. There are many other requirements that must be followed or the case will be dismissed.

Living Apart

In the past, a couple had to live separate and apart for at least two years until a divorce can be granted. Just recently, a new law took effect that a couple only needs to live separate and apart for a year. A divorcing couple must meet this requirement in order for a divorce decree to be issued.

Filing for a Fault-Based Divorce

An individual can file for a fault-based divorce if they have evidence to support their claim. Reasons for a fault-based divorce can include adultery, abandonment for at least a year without a reasonable cause, bigamy, domestic violence that puts the other person’s health or life at risk, imprisonment for more than two years, and when one spouse made life unbearable for the other. This type of divorce can cost additional money for both parties.

No-Fault Divorce

The easiest divorce to file is a no-fault divorce. An individual can file for divorce and claim irretrievable breakdown, mutual consent, or institutionalization of a spouse for at least 18 months before a divorce is filed.

Contesting or Consenting to a Divorce

Whether a fault or no-fault divorce is filed, the other party always has the opportunity to contest the divorce. When one party contests the divorce, all decisions will have to be made by the court. These types of situations and many others are why an individual needs to hire a divorce attorney in Lititz, PA.

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