A Family Law Attorney In Hollywood, FL Can Answer Your Legal Questions

Family law matters are some of the most emotional cases handled by an attorney. This area of law can include divorce, spousal maintenance, child support, custody and visitation with a child, grandparents rights, and domestic violence. When a couple is going through a divorce, it’s always a better choice to agree to as many things as possible between themselves, but this usually isn’t the case. Due to emotional strain, a divorce puts on an entire family; the couple will have disagreements about who will have custody of the children and how assets are divided. A family law attorney in Hollywood, FL will help to guide their client through this process and give the legal advice they need to make an informed decision.

A couple can now file for a no-fault divorce based on the marital relationship being irretrievably broke down for at least six months immediately before the divorce is filed. A divorce based on fault is still available and must be based on adultery, imprisonment, abandonment, or cruel and inhumane treatment. Most courts in the state will no longer entertain a divorce based on the fault because it tends to delay the process. A no-fault divorce is a simple solution that allows a spouse to commence a divorce action.

A parent that has to pay child support is often disgruntled over the amount of money they have to pay. Each parent has a legal obligation to pay for the welfare of their child. A family law attorney in Hollywood, FL will be aggressive about obtaining the money a custodial parent deserves. They can represent a parent in child support proceeding to make sure they don’t pay too much and the calculations are correct for paying child support. Voluntary gifts, vacation, transportation, and other non-essential items are not considered child support and cannot be deducted from the monthly amount paid to the other parent.

They are known as the best attorneys in the area when it comes to family law cases. They fight hard for the rights of their clients and aren’t afraid to take a case to the higher court when a lower decision was incorrect. Don’t go through a family law case without the help of very experienced lawyers. To know more, please visit the website.