A Few Things to Look Into when Choosing Long Distance Movers in Connecticut

While a person may find a number of different moving companies in the state of Connecticut, depending on the type of move the person is making, not every moving company will be right for the job. The reason for this is that there are some moving companies that only handle local or statewide relocation’s. That’s why, if a person is moving from the state of Connecticut to a neighboring state, or perhaps they’re moving cross-country, they will need the services of Long Distance Movers in Connecticut.

If the person has never had to hire a long-distance moving service, there are a few things that can be helpful to remember. The first thing is that when looking for a long-distance moving service, a person will want to confine their search to moving companies that are licensed and insured. Most moving services will offer this type of information upon request. However, if a company doesn’t offer this information, it might be a red flag that the company isn’t actually licensed or insured. In these cases, it’s best to cross that moving company off the list of potential candidates.

To go further into checking out the credentials and reputation of certain Long Distance Movers in Connecticut, a person can look at any potential issues a moving company has had in the past. All that person will need to do is ask for the moving company’s US DOT number or they can get this information from a moving company website. With this number in hand, a quick visit to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website can be helpful in seeing if the moving service has had any safety issues. This website also offers information on how these issues were handled by the moving company and if they were resolved satisfactorily.

While there are other things to think about, such as the punctuality of the moving service or the cost of a particular long-distance moving service, checking on things such as licensing and insurance as well as any issues or disputes the company is having are important aspects of choosing the right moving service. Whether you’re looking at Anthony Augliera Moving Storage & Theatrical Transfer, or any other long-distance moving service in the state of Connecticut, taking the time to make sure you choose the most reputable moving service is essential when you’re relocating out of state.

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