A Full Mouth Reconstruction In Nassau County NY Will Improve Your Health And Confidence

If someone’s suffered from the loss of a tooth, it can make them feel self-conscious when they smile or talk. Teeth can be lost due to an accident, injury, medication, and many other things. Individuals that suffer this type of problem don’t have to suffer any longer. A dentist can perform a full mouth reconstruction in Nassau County NY that will improve your confidence and improve your health. A missing tooth and other dental problems can cause the other teeth to shift. This can lead to jaw or neck pain as well as headaches. It can also cause improper chewing of food which can lead to indigestion.

A full mouth reconstruction in Nassau County NY could include a dental implant of a single tooth or several teeth, replacing loose or fitting partial plates, or a variety of other treatments. These treatments will result in someone’s smile appearing like it did when they were in their early 20’s. A complete reconstruction cannot be performed by any dentist. It must be a dentist that is thoroughly trained in the process of three-dimensional treatment. An individual’s bite orientation will be completely corrected with this type of treatment.

Dental implants for individuals that are missing teeth could be possible during this reconstruction process. A dental implant requires a small slit to be placed in the gum. The dentist will drill a small hole in the bone. After that is completed, the dentist will place a titanium post into the opening. They will place a temporary crown on the post until the permanent crown is completed. After the healing process occurs, the patient will return to have their permanent crown installed. Dental implants are permanent and can be treated exactly the same as a natural tooth. Other individuals may benefit from a bridge if they are missing several teeth.

Improving your facial appearance through reconstruction of the mouth will also approve the appearance and shape of someone’s face. If someone’s been unhappy with the appearance of their mouth area, visiting a dentist who’s trained in reconstruction can improve the entire area. For more information on reconstruction of the mouth or cosmetic treatment or the teeth, please feel free to contact us.

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