A General Guide On How To Operate A Garbage Disposal

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

It’s not uncommon to find an individual who doesn’t know much about how a Garbage Disposal works. Fortunately, explaining the ins and outs of garbage disposals isn’t too difficult. First, people have to know what they can put into disposals. Food scraps that are soft can usually be handled by garbage disposals. Extremely soft bones can also be put in disposals. Ice, peels from fruit, and cleaner are fine for disposals. There are also things that can clog disposals. Food scraps that are hard shouldn’t go inside disposals. Disposal manufacturers usually tell buyers not to introduce any fibrous foods to disposals.

A person looking to buy a Garbage Disposal will soon figure out that disposals come in different sizes. Whether buying from Ramapowholesalers.com or another seller of disposals, it’s important to know which size is needed. The most powerful options that most people will come across are disposals rated with 1 horsepower. These disposals are powerful enough to be used in light-commercial situations. For example, a small restaurant that doesn’t have a lot of traffic might use a 1-horsepower disposal. Such a disposal is great for large families. There are also disposals rated with ½ horsepower and ¾ horsepower. These can be used for smaller households. For serious commercial use, there are more powerful commercial disposals.

When an individual uses a garbage disposal, there needs to be water flowing to the disposal. It doesn’t matter what power rating the disposal has been given. Water must continue to flow to the unit until the disposal has ceased to grind any material. Understand that disposals are supposed to utilize a home’s plumbing to help get rid of discarded food. Without enough water flowing through the plumbing, it’s possible for food debris to accumulate inside the plumbing. This can happen in many different areas inside the plumbing. This can lead to having quite a few blockages inside of a home’s pipes.

Garbage disposals are great accessories for people to have in their kitchens. The disposals make cleaning dishes easier. Even though disposals are tough and can deal with many things, disposal owners still must be careful with their disposals. If children are in the home, they should be told what shouldn’t be placed inside a disposal.

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