A Guide for You to Understand the Family Law in Northbrook

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Law Services

Family law, as the name conveys, is all things concerning a family. The whole series of events and consequences start when two people from two different backgrounds and upbringing experiences, decide they want to get married or united in holy matrimony, as the holy Bible says.

The day they both utter “I do” is an occasion to celebrate; as this happens, in many people’s lives, only once in a lifetime. Consequent to this happy celebration, unfortunate events start unfolding in the lives of some married couples, when they develop disagreements. These unfortunate events then need the services and intervention from a Northbrook family law firm to mediate, resolve and amicably settle things between the two parties who were once happily married.

A Northbrook family law firm provides services for spouses who no longer want to live together as a couple and wish to dissolve their marriage. Most of their services can be loosely divided into 3 main categories.

Before Marriage

Pre-Marital Agreement between a couple before they are married.

Before Divorce While Still Married

Post-Marital Agreement between a husband and a wife.
Domestic Violence related issues
Mediation between a husband and a wife
Actual divorce

After Divorce

Child Custody & Support
Maintenance & Alimony for the spouse who is earning lesser.
Post-Divorce Enforcement & Modification

The categories above attempt at being chronological, as events happening in the real life of a married couple until after they are separated and legally divorced, but does not claim to be rigid.

Your Attorneys

Contact Michael C. Craven for an obligation free consultation for a Northbrook family law firm, either through the contact form on their webpage, or by calling them at 312-621-5234.

Attorney Michael C. Craven has more than 25 years of experience and comes from a family of lawyers. His father has also been a divorce attorney before him. Their main office is in Chicago, but they have many offices in surrounding counties to serve you.

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